Really???? US Bank Closed The File?

There really are no words to describe what I am feeling for my amazing client in this horrible mess that her lender US BANK has created from day one of her short sale transaction.  Never has a financial document been late, or forgotten.  The package was complete from the beginning.  This seller has had to move to another state to finally obtain employment so she can survive and yet has maintained HOA’s of just under 200.00 a month and kept the utilities on for almost a year now.  This home has been under a cash contract for well over 6 months now and they keep loosing docs or saying they never received them and then just close the file cause the file handler can’t even read a HUD1.  Then the fight to get it re-open and now the missing document game starts all over again.  We are blessed to have such an amazing seller to work with and very patient buyers that are still in the game Thank God.


And yet we are told how much better the banks are getting to complete these short sales….. NOT.


Talk about unfair and unreasonable care,



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