Have You Received A N.O.D. (Notice of Default)?

Chances are you may be like most people and heard how you didn’t have to worry as some people have been in there homes for 2 years without making payments and never received a Notice of Default.  With the new foreclosure law that went into place October 2011many were even under the wrong impression that it saved them from ever being foreclosed on.  This information is wrong and we would like the opportunity to explain it a little better to you.  The banks still can, will, and are foreclosing on  homes.  The new just meant they had to take an extra step to prove they had the right documents to foreclose.

Now, if you have received the NOD yourself , (usually taped with blue tape on your door) the panic and fear may be setting in.  The longer you wait the harder it is to deal with.  You need the Fraser Properties Team on your side today!  Don’t hesitate any longer call or text us today.   We are your Short Sale Specialists. 


Licensed in NV and SC

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