Why Are Realtors Calling You?

Are you getting strange calls that you didn't request?  Why Are Realtors Calling You?  First there may be a couple of reasons and I will clarify so you know we are just doing our job and trying to help you.  

First of all, was your home recently listed for sale and if so did the listing expire?  If so, then we are doing what we do best trying to get your listing and show you how we think we can get it sold for you.

Or maybe you have gotten a little behind on your mortgage and even though you are trying to work it out with your mortgage company, this is public information and again we are trying to do what we do best and in most cases so what is best for you and your situation.  We offer options and guidance.  My team is highly experienced in distressed properties and we completely understand that it is not easy once you get to this point.  

Did you know that in most cases you can purchase a home again in a year after your short sale closes and records?  In some cases even with an FHA loan and 3.5% down payment if you can qualify and meet the guidelines of the "Back To Work Program".  

You need the Fraser Team on your side through this stressful time.

What are your options in this still crazy market? 

Contact the Fraser Team today (702)622-0601
Your home is our business!

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