Fraser Team Saved One From Auction!

In reaching out making our calls trying to help local homeowners in distress, we reached one that knew they had been in trouble for quite some time.  They were still trying a couple more things to save their home and weren’t ready to have us jump in yet.  About a month later we got the call they were done with the fight trying to save it.  They contacted us, The Fraser Team to sell their home.  Now to save the equity they actually had in this home, yes equity.  Just as we were pulling away from the home with a signed listing file, notice of sale was served.  Now our clients were is panic, we assured them we would do all we could to stop the sale in just about 3 weeks and continue to market their home for sale.  
First phone call made immediately while driving from the listing, lender was very cold, harsh and un-cooperative.  We continued to work marketing the home to try to find a buyer quick to no avail.  We continued contacting the lender on a very regular basis to try t get them to work with us and not against us.  
Never giving up and never stopping our marketing efforts with only 4 days until the scheduled sale, we got a small reprieve.  It is only a small and short one but for the moment the sale at auction is delayed.  
Of course prior to he reprieve we added looking for a loophole in this one to save us or buy us some time and we did find it just two days prior to our granted reprieve.  
We do all in our power to make it a win win situation for everyone in each transaction, however our fiduciary duty and loyalty is to our client.  Whether a traditional sale or short sale we give our all.
We are your Real Estate Specialist Team.
Contact the Fraser Team today (702)622-0601

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