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New Year, New Home?

New Year, New Home? Thought about a new home for your family or buying your first home? Yes this market is a little tricky, contact us today as we can help you achieve this goal. We understand what aggressive tactics are needed to stay ahead and succeed.

You have also been waiting to see if prices go down again? Waiting to see what happens with interest rates?  Prices have remained steady or been at a steady increase for quite some time now so that is not worth the risk.  As for interest rates, it looks as it we may start to see an increase there too.  

You don’t think you can qualify?  Credit may not be good enough? You may be surprised, your credit may not be as bad as you fear.  Did you know that our lender partners work hand in hand with some credit repair agencies too?  They will help guide you though what you need to do so you can qualify.

Call me today so we can get you with one of our amazing lender partners and get you through the pre-approval process so we can work on getting you into that new home.  

Don’t wait for a better time, the time is right now!

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