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Still A Great Time To Sell!

In case you thought you may have missed out on the window of opportunity, it is still A great time to sell!  Buyers are still everywhere and trying to purchase a home with very little inventory available so now is the time, call the Fraser Team today and lets get started (702)622-0601.  Homes still selling fast and some still even going into multiple offer status still.

Call us to see what your home may be worth today (702)622-0601

We even still work diligently on short sales for our clients that still may need that option.

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Still Sitting On The Fence, Undecided?

Still Sitting On The Fence, Undecided?  
You thought about selling your home and downsizing, or getting a bigger home or just a home in a different neighborhood.  You heard that it is best to wait and see what happens with the market and see if values keep going up, then you hear no don’t sell in the winter or the holiday season it is a bad time to sell.  WRONG not this year. Buyers are buying and moving even during the holidays.  Let’s not forget the interest rate issues that buyers will soon be facing, that will detour them before anything else right now.  

Don’t wait for a better time, the time is right now!

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